Description: Heat and chemical resistant epoxy disk with center hole for easy assembly

Transponder: AM RF, Bi-phase/Manchester, RF/8/16/32/64, R/W, OTP, ISO11785/784 (FDX formatting available)

Frequency: 125 kHz ± 6 kHz (134.2kHz available)

Size: Diameter: 29 mm ±1 mm, Center Hole: 5 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm ±0.3 mm

Material: Glass filled epoxy

Color: Green

Weight: 1.5 g

Protection: IP68; Aqueous solution of salt, petroleum, diluted sulfuric acid (24h); Hydrostatic pressure: 800 psi (72h); Axial compression: 3,560 N (72h, calculated from hydrostatic test)

Temperature: Storage: -40°C to +100°C; Operating: -25°C to +80°C

Read Range: Reader dependent (10+ cm with TR-RO1-WM)

Part Number: IT-30-RW2