3-Channel Camera Link Input Module for Annotator Pro


CLIM3-MDR is a three-channel Camera Link input module for the Annotator Pro. All Camera Link Base functions are supported on all three channels, including all data bits.


  • Uses the DS90CR288A Channel Link receiver on each channel
  • MDR connectors on each channel
  • Supports Camera Link Base with pixel clock frequencies between 20 MHz and 85 MHz
  • Includes support for all data bits, FVAL, LVAL, DVAL, CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, and the camera serial interface
  • User programmable outputs on P6 and P7
  • No restrictions on frame size or frame rate

Interface: CLIM3-MDR can be installed on the Annotator Pro at P14/P15 or P16/P17

Dimensions: 64 x 125 mm

Part Number: CLIM3-MDR