Welcome to Ionetrics

Ionetrics provides advanced instrumentation design and software development services. Technical areas supported are radiometric and other instrumentation systems using detectors that cover a wide range of sensing, imaging, and spectroradiometric techniques. The Ionetrics team provides wide ranging technical expertise and decades of experience, and can deliver custom designed solutions to meet your data acquisition and instrumentation needs.

Annotator Product Line

The Ionetrics Annotator products provide off-the-shelf easy-to-use solutions for precision time measurement and event timestamping. These products are easily integrated into existing data collection systems with little or no modification to data acquisition and processing software. The Annotator can be synchronized with an IRIG-B time code input or to GPS time. The Annotator CL series provides many integrated features in a single unit, and generates a more precise timestamp than traditional solutions. The Annotator CL annotates CameraLink data streams with IRIG referenced frame times, and can accept data from single element detectors, linear arrays, or 2D imagers. Other telemetry or ancillary data can also be injected into the data stream as annotation. Custom solutions can be developed to meet your specific needs. Development kits are also available to facilitate customization for your specific requirements.

RFID Product Line

Ionetrics also offers low frequency RFID products, including readers, programmers, tags, and antennas. OEM versions can be provided to allow easy integration into your final product. We also offer rapid prototyping of custom features for unique applications. Development kits are also available.

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