The TR-RO1-OEM is a small, inexpensive and easy to use reader/decoder board for passive RF identification tags. It can read Manchester encoded ASK type transponders and is intended for OEM applications. A power source and an antenna is all that is required to use the reader. Its low-power requirements permit battery operation and integration into hand held devices.


Features: Reader/decoder for 125 kHz ASK Manchester 64-bit RF identification tags

Data Interface: RS232 or TTL, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit

Antenna Type: 1.62 mH coil (calculated, see note)

Read Range: Antenna and tag dependent, practical maximum about 90 cm

Power Requirements: 9 - 12 VDC regulated, 60 mA

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 15 mm (2.375 x 2.375 x 0.625 inches)

Operating Temperature: 0 to +85 ÂșC

Humidity: non-condensing

Connections: J1: 4 or 5 pin 0.1-inch header; L1: 2 pin 0.1-inch header

Part Number: TR-RO1-OEM-Jx-Ly-LED-SS-TTL

  • -Jx: x=0 for no J1 header; x=4 for 4-pin J1 header; x=5 for 5-pin J1 header (no LED for J5 option)
  • -Ly: y=0 for no L1 header on board; y=1 for L1 header on board
  • -LED: for on-board LED (cannot have both J5 and LED)
  • -SS: connectors on solder side (otherwise connectors are on component side)
  • -TTL: for TTL interface (otherwise interface is RS232)

Price: $95.00

(for standard TR-RO1-OEM-J4-L1-LED board)
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